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ESTIL GURU is created at the turn of the millennium and, based on its solid experience in the commercial management of ceramic finishes, it has developed into a company marketing decorative marble and natural stone finishes.

After years of increasing and consolidating our presence in the market, GURU started its path of innovation and diversification in 2006, introducing the WATER-STOP membrane to the market. 

The WATER-STOP membrane is an innovative concept in resolving the sub-cladding finishes waterproofing issues. 

This line of diversification is strengthened with the launch of AIKIT, a patented product that integrates the waterproof protection WATER-STOP membrane with a drainage system that easily solves the tiled shower trays waterproofing issues.

Despite being new in the waterproofing systems and drainage markets, there was an immediate acceptance of our products and of our ideas, and so today, with an ever increasing demand for our products, we have become the benchmark for others who have entered the market after us, seeking to exploit our success. 

Now, with our WATER-STOP and AIKIT product range, with innovations such as the EVOLUX SYSTEM which was launched at the beginning of 2011, and the forthcoming developments, the company is working hard on promoting innovation in materials and building systems that provide cost advantages, time and labour.





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For tiled showers in homes or in public facilities; showers - special bathrooms - communal showers in: hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, schools, sports centres, swimming pools, gyms, spa, etc.

The word shower on Wikipedia, is thus' defined: It is intended as a shower a tool that allows water to fall on the person, this according to his feet and without producing water accumulation. Pausing just last sentence, water storage, I think that many of our readers will think of shower trays house clogged with hair and another, or the ugly step (and dangerous) to have to overcome in order to access the box shower.

Although you can buy shower stalls more or less aesthetically beautiful, it is difficult to achieve security and aesthetic quality that a floor element, separated by a simple safety glass gives the bathroom. A shower so conceived, does not give a visual idea of a foreign object from the environment point of view volume, but being through natural light, becomes an integral part of space, especially in small bathrooms.

So the question arises, why did you continue to do the same old showers, or in an attempt to make one at floor level, it is necessary to resort to the use of a plate flush with the floor or other device many times with aesthetic and functional results bad. What prevents almost always the realization of a floor element which does not impose solutions of continuity at the same, is the difficulty to carry out a suitable drain that encompasses three fundamental characteristics, function, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. On the market there are several effective solutions to the problem, but the exhaust systems of the gurus are particularly innovative.

The line Evolux grids and channels for shower, is not merely a series of hydraulic discharge, but it contains excellent design, high quality materials, the absence of barriers. Access to a shower without shower tray is more 'comfortable and safe for easy cleaning and makes it possible to enter the shower room with a wheelchair. The channels are described in stainless steel durable and resilient, with sloping inner side, which allows scrolling faster water and therefore greater cleaning. The siphon removable stainless steel ensures easy cleaning and prevent the spread of odors.

The insulating flange allows the alternative cover in the case of construction screed substrate. All the grids in line Evolux are manufactured from stainless steel with laser cut and electropolished. Designed to provide maximum compatibility during di'impermeabilizzazione of shower rooms, Evolux gives a valuable compromise aesthetic / functional, which makes it unique: the essential design combined with the brightness of hand molded, allowing a 'elegant placement in any situation, without forgetting the important technical aspect.

The Evolux is the only system that has integrated a sheath for the waterproofing of the shower tray called Water-Stop suitable also for the adjacent walls thereby avoiding moisture and various molds. The sheath Water-Stop measuring 2x2 meters, with the evacuation of water in a centered position and 25 cm from the side connected and sealed to the exhaust pipe. Crimped connections with O-ring.

The water flow rate is of 0.52 liters per second (31.2 liters per minute)


Behind all our ad we are with our company physics, we ship every day hundreds of our products all over the world, we are professionals in the field.

We can meet shipments all over the world with affordable prices for everyone with fast timing.

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"Confidence to our customers is our first rule."

New siphon!



1 Prepare the shower area

• Provide the height or depth needed to have pending / s of at least 1.5% to the water collection point. At the point of drain requires a minimum base thickness of 78 mm plus the thickness of the floor and tile adhesive.

2 Install sump siphon body:

• Place the drain body in position and orient the output in the right direction to connect to the drain pipe.

• Check that the pipe has the proper slope (minimum 1.5%) to the evacuation or downspout.

• Connect the output of the trap to the drain pipe by sliding sleeve: lubricate the gaskets with soapy water, insert the drain pipe into the sleeve and slide it until it stops. Dealing with the outlet pipe of the siphon and slide the sleeve back to the maximum.

• Cover the mouth of the body with lid siphon installation provided.

3 Prepare the support base of mortar:

• Pour the mortar until flush with the upper body being this recessed siphon. and forming the slope or slopes necessary depending on the model and the position of the water collection tray.

• Slope form or slope necessary depending on the model and the position of the trough.

4 Install the impermeable sheet:

• Once the mortar hardened, the cap installation siphon mouth of the body and attaching the display sheet without introducing the soldier carrying connector.

• Deploy the blade and adjust the alignment by rotating the connector (never pulling the foil). When in the final position, press on the connector until it stops at the base.

• Paste the sheet with C2 cement type glue on the surface of mortar, which must be clean and dry, pushing to remove air that has been under

• Extending vertically on walls at least 10 cm blade overruns.

5 Place the chute:

• Lubricate the gasket with soapy water connector and insert the spout of the gutter.

• Apply some cement glue on each side for the seat of the gutter and proceed to align, level and adjust the height depending on thickness of the pavement to the top mark with him.

6 Place the lining:

• Undertake careful placing the pavement flush with the grille. Paste directly on the sheet with adhesive cement type C2.

• Perform grouting the floor frame with elastic putty and place the grid.




The drain pipe must have a minimum 1.5% slope toward the drainage (the elevation difference should be 1.5 to 2 cm per meter). The length of this section should not be greater than 1 m.

The pavement has to make up with the grid so that insertion chute must regulate the height thereof in view of the pavement and the thickness of the layer of adhesive placement.

MOVE THE SINK: if the position of the moving forces drain sump superfluous foil on one side and lacking in contrast, you can cut the excess respecting the 10 cm Lift and paste where needed making the union between sheets by an overlap of 5 to 10 cm wide and for the slope.

To paste the OVERLAP JOINTS: in showers of work and non-flooded small interior surfaces, you can use the same type C2 cement glue installation. If maximum sealing is required, making the joints with putty adhesive sealant type WS MASTIC.

TO COMPLETE waterproof protection: to avoid moisture problems in areas adjacent to the shower is also desirable to protect the walls and especially in water intakes with WATER-STOP sheet, which is available in rolls, and their complements.

WATER-STOP TO STICK TO SUPPORT: concrete, brick or plaster mortar cement type glue used C2. For other media such as plaster, ceramics and other ancient, verify that the proper adhesive is chosen to support. Follow manufacturer's instructions for application.

TO STICK COATINGS A WATER-STOP: in floor tiles using adhesive cement or similar type C2. For other coatings such as wood, textiles and others, using a suitable adhesive to moisture and suitable for coating. Follow manufacturer's instructions for application.


Installation diagram




Measures indoor / outdoor








Low profile sump siphon

The separate installation of the siphon body and the impermeable sheet which is more convenient and simple.
Elastic connections are decoupled pressure, unsized.
It is leveled and adjusted in height with the pavement with ease by the movement that allows the elasticity of connections.
Installation at a minimum height of 90 mm including a pavement of 9 mm thick with adhesive.
Antiretorno secondary drainage system to remove water infiltration
Possibility of cancellation of the siphon
Drain connection by sliding joint





- 1 channel with side screen and drain in the PLUS model 80 cm
- 1 Waterproof sheet 2x2 mt - 4 mq - "Water-Stop"
- 1 NEW sink ABS
- 1 sleeve tube 50/40
- 1 Protective cover
- 2 Inner corner
- 2 reinforcing pipe






Features and Benefits
It is a practical and economical solution. With the range of models of a standard 9 millimeters thick, the floor may be performed for the shower trays at ground level, with less than 10 cm total height of the structure and with a choice of several options for the shape, dimensions and finishing the grid. In addition, the solution Evolux is cheaper compared to other systems that may appear cheaper. It saves on total materials used and work.

As an integrated solution
Evolux incorporates the evacuation and sealing a surface of various m2. Furthermore, the system is completed with the products of the sheath so as to stop water impermealizzare also the walls and floors are contiguous to the treated area with Evolux.

This is an innovative solution
Evolux combines two concepts that embrace together, sealing the cup (which already existed with sheets of PVC) and sfuttare advantage of the form of waterproofing with "Water-Stop". With the development of a unique technique for joining and sealing the sheet with the element evacuation factory has obtained a new product for shower trays (the only patented in Spain for that function) that has become the reference point for this type of solution.

It is easy
It 's very easy to position. To install Evolux should not use products or tools that require special precautions. The evacuation is connected, as models for bonding PVC with adhesive or by pressure in a cuff. The sealing is applied to the support of cement paste with glue C2 and a notched trowel. No blowtorch or working with solvents or toxic or dangerous.

It is reliable
The system is developed Evolux trying to get the best performance, taking into account the regulatory requirements associated with certification, adapting the technology with patents or innovative processes. It 'came with the certification and the manufacturer's warranty. Uses and applications can be installed easily in showers of work, adapted bathrooms, communal baths, laundry, water containers, industrial kitchens, fish, cutting plants, bakeries, and all the rooms, with floor drain in need of waterproof protection. To avoid damage from infiltration of moisture, it is also appropriate to treat the walls of the shower areas, in particular the water intakes, with the blade stop water that is available in rolls and in the form of special pieces.

The Evolux (LISA model or PLUS) meets the discharge requirements of the UNE EN 1329-1

The waterproofing membrane used for Evolux (LISA model or PLUS) satisfies CE regulations with the UNE EN 13956:2006

The Evolux (LISA model or PLUS) has obtained the certificate 0799-CPD-99

The Evolux (LISA model or PLUS) has obtained the certificate of CE declaration of conformity

The Evolux (LISA model or PLUS) is certified CSTB





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