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Durable and lightweight, easy to install and suitable for the overlay.
Sheet thickness of 95 mm.

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:: ROOFING MEMBRANE "AIR STOP 130" roll size 50m x 1.5 m :: 1 reel Total 75 mq



Print waterproof and vapor diffusion for pitched roofs and waterproofing as auxiliary sheet facades and walls.
Constituted by a microporous polypropylene film with non-woven veil on both sides.

Installation: balo protection and directly supported on wooden panels, forged or on the thermal insulation.

Durable and lightweight, installs very easily. Line is printed to overlap facilitate the realization of the joints between sheets.

Recommended for use on roofs with steeper than 6% according to EN 13859-1 and as a barrier to drafts to improve the efficiency of thermal insulation and prevent infiltration of dust and insects.





Under pitched roofs , wooden beams on the structure , panels, floors or directly on thermal insulation.
Technical Data Sheet of the product:
Trade name : WATER - STOP AIR 130

Guru Estil S. L. Code Factory : 913- J


UNE EN 13859-1 , DIN EN 13859-2

Print waterproof and vapor diffusion for roof waterproofing. Established by a microporous polypropylene film with no veil fabric on both sides .

Installation: under the protection of wooden structures and panels, plates or direct thermal insulation.
Tolerance function Value Unit Method

Regulatory information :
EN 1848-2 -0 m long and 50 +5%
Width EN 1848-2 m +1 and -0.5 % 1.5
Mass per unit EN 1849-2 -10 and +10 140 g/m2
Righteousness EN 1848-2 mm - ASAP
Visible defects EN 1850-2 - ASAP
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1
EN 11925-2 Euroclase - E
Resistance to water penetration EN 1928 Class A - W1
Vapor diffusion ( Sd ) EN 1931 0.015 -0.01 me 00:02
Tensile strength: L / T * 1 EN 12311-1 * 2 N/50 mm -30 to +50 / -30 to +45 290/205
Stretching : L / T -15 % to +35 / -25 to +40 45/80
Tear nail : L / T EN 12310-1 * 3 N -40 to +70 / -50 to +70 150/180
Dimensional stability EN 1107-2 % - <2
Flexibility at low temperature EN 1109 ° C - 40
Resistance to penetration of air into the 12114 * 4 m3/m2 • h • 100 Pa - <0.02
Change after artificial aging * 5
- Resistance to water penetration EN 1928 Class A - W1
- Tensile strength: L / T EN 12311-1 * 2 N/50 mm -40 to +60 / -35 to +65 260/180
- Stretching : L / T -15 % to +40 / -30 to +45 35/65
* 1 Test Direction: L - longitudinal / T - section ; * 2 according to EN 13859-1 Annex A; * 3 according to EN 13859-1 Annex B to EN 13859-2 5.2.6 * 4 , * 5 According to EN 13859 -1 Annex C.

Additional Information:
Resistance overlaps EN 1850-2 N/50 mm - PND
Hydrostatic pressure resistance : EN 20,811 cm - > 280
Water vapor permeability EN 12572 B
To EN 12572 C g/m2 • D = 1700
Operating Temperatures EN 1109
EN 1107-2 ° C - 40/80
Resistance to UV rays inside 4 months
EN 1849-2 mm thick -5 and +10 % 00:45
Information on the presentation:
Rolls of film presentation individually wrapped in polyethylene and labeled . Pallet of 40 rolls with 3,500 m2.
Roller surface : 75 m2 -0.5 and +5%
Weight per roll : -0.5 kg +5% 11
The multilayer structure consisting of: non-woven fabric / microporous film / nonwoven
- Composition of the microporous film : - 100 % polypropylene
- Composition of the non- shell : - 100 % polypropylene
Recyclable material . Rot-proof and resistant to fungi and insects.
This product does not contain hazardous substances.
The information relating to checks carried out during the production and / or the finished product :
System of verification of conformity 3 under Directive 89/106/EEC Annex III point 2 ( ii) Option 2
The check in every production: Mass per unit area .
Length, width and straightness .
Visible defects .
Resistance to water penetration .
Tensile properties , strength and elongation .
Tear .
Information regarding the use , handling and transportation :
During the transport , storage and installation must be handled with care and avoid exposure to contact with sharp or sharp elements that may cause punctures, cuts or tears.

You must always protect WATER- STOP AIR at UVA .

Before starting the installation of WATER- STOP AIR must verify that the holder is qualified .
The surface should be firm and should be dry , smooth and clean.

WATER- STOP AIR can be installed directly on the insulation .

To set WATER- STOP AIR for the property or for retirement, use stainless steel thumb tacks .
No use staples.

During the installation of the joists or battens which are located between the space between these should not exceed 90 cm .

To properly install WATER- STOP AIR extend horizontally expanded metal from the bottom up .

Extension of overlapping successive sheets on the bottom line and in compliance with the minimum match (15 cm) marked on the sheet. On the crest of the overlap should be 30 to 40 cm .

Make sure that the WATER- STOP AIR remains an air of at least 20 mm.

Overlays can be closed blades hitting each other with double sided tape or adhesive tape.

Take care to avoid obstructions that prevent the drainage of free water .

WATER- STOP AIR does not support the tiles and not just stick to the foil. The tiles are to be laid , mortar or foam should be attached to the support base through the sheet from nails .

Recommended for use on roofs slope of more than 6 % according to EN 13859-1 improve the efficiency of heat insulation and prevent the infiltration of dust and insects.

For more extensive and detailed information on
Additional data indicated are informative and subject to change without notice.

We strongly advise you to do the tests deemed appropriate in order to determine the product's suitability for the use to which it is intended to allocate when this differs from the above.



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On sloped ceilings, wooden beams in the structure, panels, floors or directly on the insulation.










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