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In recent years to improve the construction of prefabricated showers without dish. But how to ensure good waterproofing?


More and more people prefer a shower to a traditional work with prefabricated plate. There is a wide range of ceramic tiles with the full range of special parts and system partitions and partition walls light, which allow making completely custom showers, wheelchair.

Especially in rehabilitation, many people want to start the shower or tub and replace old roomy shower works. But when it comes to the bathroom of a house located in a flat, often the desire for a shower is not really work for fear of possible water leaks that could affect. Instead we observed that in the construction of hospitals and nursing homes as well as in growing numbers of locker room and shower areas common general, the application of showers without barriers work is required, as a prefabricated plate can be converted into a obstacle for sick, elderly, disabled, etc..

To effectively address the waterproofing of shower trays work, waterproofing systems are easy to install.


System Description

AIKIT-PLUS is a solution that integrates the drain waterproofing waterproof protection for the land areas with evacuation of water as shower trays force.

It consists of an impermeable sheet of suitable dimensions, one element for the evacuation of water and a bonding and sealing system therebetween.

AIKIT-PLUS and some of its components are patented product (Patent No. 200602747)

This system provides the factory sealed the union of the sheet with the evacuation element ensuring perfect sealing of the shower with a quick and easy installation.






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Waterproofing membrane Water-Stop of size 1,5 x 2 mt total 3 mq !

Features and Benefits

It is a practical and economical solution

With the right model of the range and a standard 9 mm pavement thickness, can be made shower trays at ground level, with less than 10 cm in height and total system with a choice of several options for size, shape and finish of the grid.

Furthermore, the solution is cheaper than AIKIT-PLUS with other systems although they may appear cheaper. You save on the total bill of materials and work to reduce costs by requiring less labor, less thickness in the solution with a lower consumption of materials and take less time to complete the work.

As an integrated solution

AIKIT-PLUS incorporates the evacuation and sealing to an area of several m2. Furthermore the system is complemented by the products of the sheet WATER-STOP for cases also need to install waterproof the walls and floors adjacent to the treated area with AIKIT.

Is a complete

AIKIT-PLUS offers multiple options to suit the most common needs in the facility: up to 4 m2 built waterproofing. Drain point or line. The drain in central position, on a side wall or completely detached. Conventional bowl or sink edge. Normal or evacuation flow up to 40 l / minute. Pavement thickness from 3 to 30 mm.

It is an innovative solution

2 meets AIKIT-PLUS concepts: waterproofing incorporate the sump (that already existed PVC sheets) and the advantages of aprovecar form of waterproofing with WATER-STOP. With the development of a unique technique to bond and seal the foil to factory element evacuation got a new product for shower bases (the only patented in Spain for that function) which has become the benchmark for others who have been arriving after this type of solution.

It is an easy

It is very easy to apply. To install AIKIT-PLUS should not use products or tools that require special precautions. The evacuation is connected, as models for PVC gluing with adhesive or by using a cuff pressure. The waterproofing is applied to the support pasting with glue cement type C2 and a notched trowel. Do not work with fire or with solvents or toxic or hazardous products.  

It is a safe solution

Solve the two most problematic issues for who installed waterproofing:

The sealing of waterproof protection entega the sump: bonding and sealing in factory warranty gives the security to be doing a good job.

The tightness in the corners and in places where the floor / wall: that is widely available thanks to the characteristics and properties of the sheet WATER-STOP and their additions.

It is a reliable

The system is developed AIKIT-PLUS looking to get optimum performance, taking into account the regulatory requirements with certifications, adapting the technology with patents innovative elements or processes and provides certified Manufacturer Warranty backed by Insurance Policy.

Uses and applications

To install easily in showers work, adapted bathrooms, communal showers, hot work, and laundry rooms, containers, industrial kitchens, fish, cutting plants, bakeries, and any premises with floor drain and need waterproof protection .

To avoid damage from moisture infiltration, is also highly recommended to treat the walls of shower areas, especially in the water intakes, the water-stop film is available in rolls or in the form of special parts .

Reform conducting a bathroom shower area without barriers at ground plate 

In the frequent case of the reform of a bathroom, where the bath is removed to perform a large shower area and easily accessible, if the shower base can be installed at the same level as the rest of the ground, be more comfortable and safe as well as being in line with the latest trends in the design aesthetics of space in the bathroom.

The main difficulty to avoid having to perform the steps is usually required for installation height of the drainage elements and impemeabilización systems.

With other types of film has to be built on a layer of waterproofing mortar several cm thick and expected to harden before placing the pavement.

In AIKIT-PLUS systems, the water-stop plate allows finishes incorporating minimum thickness for which the pavement is laid directly on it without further layers.

For evacuation element that is integrated, AIKIT-PLUS offers different options for technical and aesthetic characteristics, with minimum installation heights from 95mm from the bottom of the bowl to flush the pavement.




Installation Procedure 


1. Making the support base of mortar.

With slopes of at least 1% and reserving a place for the bowl with a minimum height of 95 mm at the point of the drain outlet.

2. Install the drain:

Cancel the exit, vertical / horizontal, not applicable for gluing sealing it with the plug attached.

Check that the drain pipe has the proper slope toward the downspout evacuation.

Gluing connect the output of the bowl to the drain pipe if necessary using reduction 50/40 supplied.

3. Install the impermeable sheet:

Cement Paste glue the sheet with the surface type C2 clean dry mortar.

Leftover extend vertically over the sheet walls at least 10 cm.

4. Place the lining:

Paste directly on the sheet horizontally and vertically with C2 cement type glue.

Perform grouting the floor frame with elastic putty and place the grid.





The AIKIT-PLUS meets the discharge requirements of the UNE EN 1329-1

waterproofing membrane used for AIKIT-PLUS satisfies CE regulations with the UNE EN 13956:2006

The AIKIT-PLUS has obtained the certificate 0799-CPD-99

The AIKIT-PLUS has obtained the certificate of CE declaration of conformity

The AIKIT-PLUS is certified CSTB






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